Terminating a Commercial Lease - the Need for Reform

Given the operation of tacit relocation in Scots law, notice to quit has to be served by the landlord on the tenant or vice versa in order to bring a commercial lease to an end. It is a matter of significant practical and financial importance that parties should be able to do this with some certainty. If valid notice. Read more

Social Work and the Community

In Social Work and the Community, the White Paper which preceded the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968, it was noted that ‘the powers of local authorities to provide advice and assistance, and to promote welfare are set out mainly’ in six pieces of legislation. This modest total meant that, even though written 20 odd. Read more

We live in interesting times: changing models, mental health and (in)capacity law in Scotland

When enacted at the start of this century, Scotland’s mental health and capacity legislation was regarded as world leading in its principled and rights-based approach to interventions concerning persons with a mental disorder. Such laws reinforced respect for an individual’s autonomy in requiring that non-consensual. Read more

Scottish taxes are far from simple

Donald Drysdale observes that devolving taxes creates complexities for taxpayers and challenges for their advisers. Read more
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